Tencent Games and Logitech G have announced a partnership to advance handheld Cloud Gaming.

Tencent Games and Logitech G have announced a partnership to advance handheld Cloud Gaming.

A cloud gaming handheld will be released later this year thanks to a cooperation between Logitech G and Tencent Games that combines Logitech G’s hardware knowledge with Tencent Games’ software services expertise. In order to enable players to play AAA games when they are away from their console or PC, the new gadget will support a variety of cloud gaming services. To this end, both businesses are collaborating with the Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce NOW teams.

In order to fulfill the exciting promise of gaming from the cloud, Logitech G and Tencent Games are dedicated to ensuring that the quality of experience comes together smoothly. Data center servers are used in cloud gaming to deliver video games to users. Games on PCs or consoles don’t need to be downloaded or installed. Instead, players engage with games locally on mobile devices while they are being rendered and played on distant servers.

According to Daniel Wu, general manager of Tencent Games Smart Solution Innovation Lab, “Logitech G’s expertise in PC and console gaming gear makes them an excellent partner to help us realize the aim of giving a better gaming experience to gamers around the world.” Today is the beginning of a new opportunity for our firms to advance the technology behind gaming devices.

Tencent Games has been at the forefront of innovation, which is why we teamed with them as one of the top worldwide platforms for game development, publishing, and operations, according to Ujesh Desai, general manager of Logitech G. “As someone who spent a lot of time playing video games, the thought of being able to broadcast and play AAA games practically anywhere is tremendously exciting, and we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on,” the company said.

The success or failure of this product will largely depend on price, but the ability to employ basic hardware and rely on servers to handle all the heavy lifting should keep production costs low. Wi-Fi-only seems to be the safer option because adding mobile internet (LTE or 5G) could make the gadget easier to use when traveling, but that would double the price. For on-the-go gaming, it must continue to be affordable enough that consumers won’t just use their phones or get a Switch.

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