The PS5 Beta adds 1440p support, gamelists, and other features.

The PS5 Beta adds 1440p support, gamelists, and other features.

Today, Sony began rolling out a new PS5 system software beta that promises to give us a sneak preview of some of the new features to come. Support for HDMI video output in 1440p is without a doubt the largest improvement in this most recent beta. This is fantastic news for anyone who plays PS5 games on a gaming monitor, though there may also be advantages if your TV can display the resolution.

You can output natively if the game you’re playing supports this 1440p resolution. Alternatively, higher resolution games (such those in 4K) can use supersampling to get better anti-aliasing.


You can now create gamelists on the latest PS5 beta, which are effectively app folders for your games. There are a total of 15 gamelists that each can contain up to 100 games.

Select Create Gamelist from Your Collection, choose the games you wish to group together, then give the list a name. You can organize games into genre groups, make a list of games you want to play from your backlog, and focus on your all-time favorites. You decide what to do.

Request screen sharing

When you want to watch your party members’ gaming, you can ask them to start Share Screen as one of the PS5 beta’s new social features. The option can be found in the voice chat card.

join a game notifications

A party you want to join? Now, your PS5 will alert you and prompt you to immediately join the game when a party member is playing one that you can join. It should make it much simpler for you and your friends to participate in the action.

Contrast stereo audio with 3D audio

Have you ever wondered what makes Sony’s expensive 3D Audio different from traditional stereo? With the help of a convenient comparison screen, you can hear the difference in the most recent PS5 beta.

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