Intel Unison will allow phone users to text and share files from their computers.

Intel Unison will allow phone users to text and share files from their computers.

People frequently divide their computing between a computer and a mobile device, but sometimes they don’t communicate as smoothly as they should. With the help of its new Unison app, Intel intends to remedy this. Your files, texts, and other content from your smartphone can be accessible on Windows with this program. Well, provided you’re utilizing the most advanced Intel processor models.

The Screenovate acquisition by Intel, which was made public at CES 2022 earlier this year, gave rise to Unison. As a stand-alone company, Screenovate created custom apps with mobile integrations for PC manufacturers like Dell, and now Intel is bringing a version of that to PCs running on its CPUs.

Your phone and PC will be connected to Unison via a “simple pairing process,” according to Intel. When your machines are connected, some of the essential elements of the mobile experience, like as phone calls, notifications, text messaging, and file access, will be reproduced on your Windows computer (photos taken on your phone will sync to a special gallery inside Unison).


The entire feature set will be available to Android users, but the iPhone won’t support the same level of in-depth integrations. A few chat functions won’t function, and third-party app alerts won’t have as many features. A macOS computer, on the other hand, offers more in-depth integrations than even the most well-supported Android-Windows combinations, thus iPhone users who value computer-phone cooperation will almost surely use one of these devices.

The room also contains an elephant. In the form of the Phone Link program (formerly known as “Your Phone”), Microsoft already includes most of this functionality with Windows. With the help of this app, you may connect a phone to a computer and receive messages, alerts, and even photo synchronization. Unison might provide a more streamlined experience for the fundamentals, but Phone Link offers more options for some popular (and less popular) Android phones, such as those made by Samsung and Microsoft. For instance, without installing them, these gadgets can mirror programs from your phone to your PC. That is not at all what Unison does.

A subset of laptops using Intel Evo technology and powered by 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs will feature Intel Unison for the first time. These computers will be made by HP, Lenovo, and Acer, but that is only the beginning. More computers will reportedly support Unison in early 2023, but only those powered by 13th generation Intel Core processors. It appears that those with earlier CPUs will have to settle for the very comparable Phone Link capabilities that Microsoft supplies with Windows 10 and 11.

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