Google 2-Step Verification Reduces Account Hacks By 50%

Google 2-Step Verification Reduces Account Hacks By 50%

Owners of a google account can confirm the high level of password security and data safety. The security features that has been implemented few years back is staggering, and the security update made last year is having a strong impact. According to Google team, Accounts which requires the two factor authentication has 50% less chances of getting hacked as those protected with only a password.

The two factor authentication also referred to as two step verification(2SV) by google, is a specific type of multi factor authentication that increases access security by requiring two methods of verification. 2fa works by adding additional layer to your online accounts. it could be one-time code delivered by SMS or a code generator app or a push alert notification on your secured smartphone.

Major problem is that users don’t go through the process of enabling the two step verification(2SV) on their accounts. This prompted google Team to begin requiring users to activate the 2SV. They also went to an extent of making the 2SV a default security feature for over 150 million accounts and 2 million YouTube creator accounts. Google indicated some of its security measures in recognition of Safer internet day also stating that account hacks has dropped by over 50% in users who enrolled for the 2SV.

Google developers are doing everything possible to make 2SV as easy as possible, and also indicated before this campaign to enroll more users. Last year only 10 percent of google accounts used two factor , but that’s twice as high as Facebook and four times higher than twitter. Google developers also made supports of various additional layer supports code generator apps, push notifications and USB keys. For most users, phone notification is the most preferred method. When you try to login to your google account such as Gmail and YouTube. Google will push a simple verification alert to your phone. Tap to verify it’s you, and the login will proceed.

We probably all know someone who is a victim of account hack which has exposed important data or sometimes losing access which can be devastating. the frustration of losing data to hackers is on the high rise but the hacker might attempt to steal money or impersonation of victim on other site such as social media sites. your entire digital footprint can be destroyed with a single password hack therefore
google developers advice users to turn on the 2SV which reduces chances of being hacked
by 50%.

The 2fa code generator apps are very secured option of keeping your account safe, but some of these apps contains malware which infect your devices also giving hackers access to your information. Stick with reputable two factor apps and not one with hidden malware.

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