How to cancel iPhone and iOS subscriptions

How to cancel iPhone and iOS subscriptions

It’s always wise to check if you have any recurring payments you might not require and cancel any iPhone subscriptions you might not need, especially with the cost of living rising every day. It is far too simple to download an app and then forget to pay a monthly fee for it. Making it more crucial than ever to make sure you aren’t paying for any services, apps, or memberships that are costing you money that you would rather not spend.

You will be happy to know that Apple makes it very simple to cancel iPhone subscriptions you no longer want for applications or services you may have previously subscribed to. This is especially true if you have previously been a little careless when purchasing add-ons or subscriptions using your iOS devices.

This fast guide will walk you through the process and teach you how to manage your subscriptions directly from your mobile device if you’d like to quickly get a complete list of all your active subscriptions from your iPhone.

Removing subscriptions on iPhone

Observe the steps below to obtain a list of all your active subscriptions.

1. Access the “Settings” menu on your iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device.

2. At the top of the settings page, tap on “Apple ID photo and nameplate.

3. The “Subscriptions” button is located underneath “Payment & Shipping” in the bottom-left corner of the first four menu options.

4. Your active and expired subscriptions will now be displayed in a list.


You can quickly cancel a subscription from your iPhone using this technique, or you can re-subscribe to an inactive subscription that you may have already cancelled and rolled over, prohibiting you from using the application or service. Additionally, be advised that your iPhone number may be used to determine eligibility. Your mobile phone plan may include subscriptions to Apple services. If you re-subscribe, your new plan will automatically renew at the set price unless cancelled at least one day before each renewal date.

The application ought should continue to work until the end of your subscription period even if you cancel a subscription before it expires. However, it is always better to double-check with each program to make sure that even if you cancel your subscription early, it will still run for the entire term.

If the iOS applications qualify and support family sharing, there are a few useful choices here that let you immediately share your subscriptions with your family.

Renewal receipts

To keep your accounts current, you can choose to get “Renewal Receipts,” which are automatically sent to you for each subscription renewal. If you choose not to use this option, receipts are always accessible from the purchase history part of your account in case you need to refer to them later.

This is an excellent way to keep track of your subscriptions and prevent them from automatically renewing annually or monthly without your notice. When the subscription is due again, you can choose to renew it either monthly or annually, depending on your needs and financial situation.

Family subscription

A new page will open when you click on an active subscription, displaying the settings exclusive to that program. All of the subscriptions that developer presently offers are listed here, along with the monthly or annual subscription plan you have chosen. Simply click the red “Cancel Subscription” button at the bottom of the application’s subscription details to end a subscription.

By according to these straightforward guidelines, you may cancel any unnecessary iPhone subscriptions and minimize your monthly payments by just paying for the apps and services you actually use rather than squandering money on unused items. You may need to contact Apple support, which is available both in-person and online, if you are still having issues with your iPhone subscriptions not canceling or when re-subscribing.

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