Should you update to iOS 16 now or WAIT?

Should you update to iOS 16 now or WAIT?

The release of iOS 16 is later today, but is it secure to upgrade or should you continue on iOS 15 for the time being? You’re probably counting down the seconds until you can go to Settings and download iOS 16 to your iPhone as soon as possible now that the launch day for iOS 16 has arrived. yet hold on!

Perhaps rushing into it is not a smart idea. Numerous big issues plague the first major iOS updates, and some of the best features are generally saved for a later version.
When it’s a good moment to participate, we’ll let you know by monitoring how the wider public is faring.

Simply, iOS 16 for your iPhone has a ton of fantastic new features. The great new customizable lock screen is the one that stands out the most. Focus has been updated, iMessages can be edited and unsent, emails can be scheduled and recalled in Mail, dictation has been considerably improved, a haptic keyboard is available, you can easily remove the topic from any photograph, and more.

No release is flawless, but Apple has conducted a sizable and thorough beta test for iOS, and rumors have it that the initial iOS 16 release is, although having some bugs, in generally decent form. It’s likely that you won’t encounter any significant bugs at all—at least none that significantly overshadow the awesome new features you acquire.


Despite extensive beta testing, new iOS updates invariably come with a few glaring problems. You won’t have to wait too long to update because they are typically fixed fast (within a few weeks). In our testing, we haven’t found any significant flaws with iOS 16, but that doesn’t imply they don’t exist.
Nowadays, it’s common for some of the previously announced features of the new iOS to skip the initial launch and appear in point updates later in the year (e.g. iOS 16.1 or 16.2). One of the significant innovations that won’t even be included in the initial iOS 16 release is Live Activities, which functions as a live-updating notice for some apps. A later version will also add support for the Freeform whiteboarding program, the iCloud Shared Photo Library, the Matter smart home standard, and a few Game Center capabilities.
Not to mention, iPadOS 16.0 won’t even be released! iPadOS 16.1 will most likely be released to the general public for the first time in October. At about the same time, macOS Ventura should be released. So you’ll have to wait for around a month or so if you have the entire Apple ecosystem and want to use it all at once in harmony.

Paravotti advises: WAIT

The best option is to wait until iOS 16.1, iPad OS 16.1, and possibly macOS Ventura all launch in October. You’ll enjoy a more stable experience and more features. Even so, it’s usually a good idea to forego the initial release if you’d rather update to iOS 16 sooner. You can at the very least wait a week or two to see whether Apple releases a speedy update to correct the bugs in iOS 16.0.1.
You probably already updated and are only reading this article for fun if you’re the kind to jump on the newest thing regardless of minor difficulties, right?

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