YouTube will allow users to sell premium video courses

YouTube will allow users to sell premium video courses

When someone wants to master a new skill or learn more about a particular subject, they already turn to YouTube. Even additional educational elements will be added to the site, including a method for producers to charge for organized video courses. The need to lead people to other websites or applications (like Masterclass) that sell such kinds of resources would be eliminated. Naturally, YouTube would also receive a percentage of purchases.

According to YouTube, these programs are “in-depth, structured learning experiences.” Creators are able to charge for their courses or provide them for no cost. It’s interesting to note that videos included in a paid course won’t have adverts and can be listened in the background like a high-quality podcast. Next year, courses will initially be made available in South Korea and the US as beta versions. If all goes according to plan, YouTube then wants to extend the service to more nations.


YouTube will also include a tool called Quizzes in order to strengthen the educational content on the platform and possibly assist students in testing their knowledge. The community tab will allow creators to include a quiz where they can poll viewers on a topic they covered in a video. All authors with the community tab will be able to use Quizzes in 2019 after a beta version of the feature becomes available in the upcoming months.

YouTube also unveiled a new embedded player for educational apps in addition to those features. According to the business, external links, advertisements, and other potential distractions are not included in Player for Education. It further stated that the player “delivers an even better YouTube experience” than the one utilized in Google Classroom. The player will initially be used by US educational technology companies like EDpuzzle, Purdue University, and Purdue Global.

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